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A Feeling of Family

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The Touch That Matters

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Caring from the Heart

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A Step in the Right Direction

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Welcome to Pine View Care Center

A Feeling of Family

There comes a time when individuals and families are faced with challenging health care decisions as they advance through later stages of life. While we understand a large percentage of people don’t believe they’ll actually need the services of a “nursing home,” the reality is many do, for a variety of reasons.

When the need arises, whether it’s for short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation after hospitalization, or for long-term skilled nursing care, we’re here to help make the process easier for you and your family. Through our unique blend of compassion, individualized health care and sense of family, you can trust that we’ll help everyone feel more comfortable during this challenging time.

At Pine View Care Center, our goal is to help individuals achieve their highest level of independence, regardless of their short or long-term care need. Through continued interaction with our skilled nursing and rehabilitation staff, volunteers, family and friends, Pine View Care Center is able to provide the touches of home so often desired in health care settings.

These same touches of home are present at Pine View Terrace, our neighboring assisted living facility. Offering supportive services to individuals in an apartment setting, Pine View Terrace partners with us to meet the community’s needs and desires for independent living as people transition through later years in life.

We understand our role in the health care system and, as such, we take it seriously. Just as you expect, we fully intend to ensure our services are second to none. We hope you’ll soon discover why Pine View Care Center is a high quality nursing home committed to providing the very best short and long-term care to those in need.


"I've had a lot of healthcare, this is the best staff."
Jolene S.

Music and Memory Program imageProud to participate in the Music & Memory Program

sidebar_pv Contact our neighboring Assisted Living community, Pine View Terrace at 715-284-7077

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